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Education towards nZEB

One of the key tasks for the current building sector is to attract and retain skilled and knowledgeable workers so that top innovations can be developed and applied in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. These days, a comprehensive approach to energy issues as well as to ensuring the efficiency of sources (throughout the whole lifecycle of buildings) is required. At present, three projects are being carried out which deal with improving the professional skills of on-site workers. This article introduces the current activities of the ingRES project aiming primarily at engineers.

Common Energy Concept in Business Parks: An Opportunity for Savings

The on-going centralisation of various business areas, including industrial production and services, leads to growing use of so-called industrial or business parks. They are significant consumers of energy, particularly of electricity and heat. Two situations in particular are responsible for the establishment of business parks: the revitalisation of industrial sites that are no longer in operation (because the original industrial plant has been closed down) and new development zones established in order to support the eco- nomic development of a nearby town. What are the best tools to identify and carry out the energy savings potential?


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