Fit-to-NZEB pilot training courses have been successfully completed

Date of the event:    12.6.2019 12:00

As a part of the international project Fit-to-NZEB, the two pilot training courses focused on deep energy retrofitting to nZEB level were held. The courses respond to the obligation to build nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB) from early 2020 onwards. This obligation, based on European legislation, will apply not only to new buildings, but also to larger changes to completed buildings - renovations - which sooner or later will meet every existing building.

It can be achieved up to 60% energy savings if the renovation is carried out comprehensively, which creates considerable potential for reducing the energy performance of the building stock. However, the sufficient number of trained construction professionals is needed in order to utilize the potential to the maximum extent. For their training the educative courses within the Fit-to-NZEB project were intended, which were attended by more than 30 people. Courses led by specialists in their field were mainly focused on improving practical skills. In collaboration with experts from across the Europe, the innovative learning materials have been developed for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the qualitative and technical requirements for the deep energy retrofitting to the nZEB level. Participants were introduced not only to the training construction models, but also to the experience of leading Czech experts and examples of good practice from abroad. During the courses, specific technical issues and problematic pitfalls of practice and possibilities of their solution were discussed.

In addition to the Czech Republic, Fit-to-NZEB is also attended by Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Romania and Greece.

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The Fit-to-NZEB project is coming to its finals, so we would like to invite you to the final conference on June 12 at the ABF Foundation in Prague on Wenceslas Square.

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