Introduction of innovative training schemes for deep energy retrofitting

As a part of the international project Fit-to-NZEB, innovative study materials for deep energy retrofitting were introduced at the Faculty of civil engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT). The introduction was first of all intended for teachers of professional colleges, high schools and technical universities, as well as for trainers of vocational trainings. Two professional high schools (from Kadaň and Karlovy Vary), two technical universities (ČVUT in Prague and VŠTE in České Budějovice) and an independent professional trainer have participated in the meeting.

At least three departments of ČVUT in Prague will cooperate on implementation of the study materials. The professional colleges and high schools plan to use the study materials for the teaching of vocational subjects. The fields of study at professional high school in Kadaň are planned to be modified, which is a great opportunity to apply Fit-to-NZEB’s training materials.

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Published at:    21.11.2018