News at SEVEn 2013

"Energy Savings and EPC“ international conference, Standard documents  for EPC projects, New energy performance certificates for buildings,  Results of verification of CO2 emission reduction within the Green Light  to Savings programme for 2011, Lamps and luminaires for street lighting  in 2012, Combining subsidies and EPC to attain energy savings,  Ecodesign of directional lamps, Support for transparency and development  of the energy services market in 20 EU countries,  System changes in  the building industry aimed at net-zero-energy buildings, Regulation on  boiler efficiency checks, Utilisation of drainage and rain water in the  Chodov shopping centre, New ways of generating energy from waste, Energy  labelling of electrical appliances – experience and novelties, ECOWILL  has 500 participants in the Czech Republic!, New energy performance  certificates for buildings.

Published at:    20.6.2013