About SEVEn

SEVEn, the Energy Efficiency Center was established in 1990 and has undergone several legislative-legal transformations due to gradual changes in legislation. It has maintained its main mission today: protecting the environment and promoting economic development through more efficient use of energy.

SEVEn currently operates on the market in the form of two companies: SEVEn Energy, s. r. o. and SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, z. ú. SEVEn Energy is the founder of the non-profit company SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center. Both companies work together to fulfil their original mission, but they can also act as independent legal entities.

SEVEn Energy, s. r. o. focuses on projects aimed at implementing specific energy-saving projects. Its main activities include energy auditing, feasibility studies, energy performance contracting, engineering activities and expert evaluations.

SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, z. ú. focuses on strategic studies, projects to lower energy intensity in the residential and tertiary sector, assessment of the relevant legislation, provision of services in the field of education, training, awareness and promotion in the field of energy savings.

Both companies share a common human and technical potential with an interest in achieving the best results for the customer.

SEVEn customers and partners include public and private organisations, individual Czech ministries, international development organisations, private companies and firms, cities, municipalities and regions, energy companies, interest groups and other institutes and energy consumers.