Energy-efficient lighting and appliance labelling

Efficient household and commercial appliances

Common household and commercial appliances make a significant contribution to energy consumption. Energy labels are an important policy instrument contributing to market self-regulation. Putting energy labels on appliances leads manufacturers to reduce their energy performance and customers to greater awareness of efficiency and energy costs. Eco-design of products is also an integral part of energy labels. This is a summary of the minimum efficiency and functional requirements for a given group of appliances.

SEVEn has long been involved in the promotion of energy-saving appliances and is doing so primarily in the field of energy labelling and by developing tools that provide an overview of the consumption and economic demands of appliances.

In its activities, SEVEn cooperates not only with end consumers, but also with market surveillance authorities, appliance manufacturers and retailers, non-profit organisations, professional associations and other actors. Another activity is the promotion of green procurement, i.e. the creation of criteria and recommendations for the purchase of appliances and services for authorities and companies.

Efficient indoor and street lighting

Energy-saving lighting is another priority area that SEVEn has been working on for a long time. Lighting has undergone a significant change over the past few years, caused by the arrival of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and the gradual replacement of traditional light sources (incandescent, fluorescent and discharge lamps).
SEVEn deals with lighting for households (especially popularisation of savings and information for the public) as well as with professional lighting (industry, services). SEVEn proposes austerity measures under existing projects (energy audits and assessments, EPC projects), promotes cost-saving and qualitative criteria, and works on conceptual design of lighting policies and tools (advice on eco-design of lamps, handbooks for the public and professionals).

A specific area SEVEn deals with is street lighting. SEVEn has been providing long-term consultancy in this area: energy audits to assess the overall state of street lighting, including mandatory requirements (property records, electric revision, etc.), energy assessments as a basis for subsidy programmes (EFEKT, NPŽP), EPC project management in street lighting and information in the form of many publications.