Energy Audits and EP Certificates

Energy audits

SEVEn processes energy audits focused on office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, operating buildings, manufacturing units, industrial enterprises and service sector organisations. Energy audit areas include heating, hot water, lighting (including street lighting), electrical appliances and technology. Energy audits serve customers primarily as a basis for evaluating energy savings potential when considering operating cost reductions as well as demonstrating compliance with legislative requirements in a given business area.

Building energy performance certificates

The building energy performance certificate provides the building user with information similar to the energy label used on selected appliances, i.e. information on energy consumption for heating, ventilation, lighting, domestic hot water and cooling. It provides the user with information in a detailed numerical expression within the output protocol, but also in a simple and intuitive graphical representation. The energy performance certificate is mandatory for the construction of new buildings or major changes to completed buildings, public buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings and in the case of rental. SEVEn offers to prepare a statement of energy performance of buildings in all cases of statutory obligations always with additional analysis of potential energy savings.

Energy assessments

Many SEVEn projects require an objective assessment of the benefits and costs of the proposed measures. Technical, economic and environmental feasibility is verified. An energy assessment is often required by a legal regulation, sometimes even without this obligation. SEVEn has a team of experts that allows a detailed and objective assessment of projects from all legal aspects (building and renovation of buildings, assessment of high-efficiency CHP, assessment of the utilisation of waste heat, assessment of projects financed from subsidies, evaluation of performance of parameters and others).