Project Management and Financing

Project management

Project management is a comprehensive service that combines the technical, economic, financial and legal skills and experience of our team. Thanks to this multidisciplinary competence, SEVEn helps to create more demanding projects, which typically use new technical means or processes to save energy or use renewable or secondary energy sources. In this way, it is possible to identify suitable projects, to optimise the technical and economic aspects, to ensure expert supervision of design preparation, to provide financing, to organise tenders for contractors, to monitor the proper production of the work and to evaluate the actual operation and expected benefits after commissioning.

Project financing

In some cases, the implementation of energy savings measures requires financial support from public funds due to longer return on investment periods.

These include, for example, thermal insulation of buildings, replacement of windows, installation of heat pumps as substitutes for electric heating, introduction of energy consumption monitoring systems and the like. In such cases, SEVEn enables the project to be prepared, including the identification of suitable subsidy programmes. SEVEn also enables the adequate financing of the project and analyses the conditions of subsidy programmes for a particular applicant.

Project preparation, grant management, tenders

Within the framework of individual projects, emphasis is placed on their thorough preparation and completion of documents for the application (energy assessment and other requirements).

In the second phase, the implementation of the project, including ongoing grant management, is important. In the last third phase, the project evaluation is a matter of course.

As part of energy saving projects, SEVEn allows for the preparation of a suitable tender for the lawful selection of the supplier along with the setting of essential criteria (e.g. price, technical parameters, quality and more).