Comprehensive Energy Studies

Comprehensive energy studies

A comprehensive view of energy systems is crucial for truly lasting energy savings and changes in energy management. SEVEn offers all types of energy studies, which are embedded in Czech legislation (energy audit, energy concept), as well as individual feasibility studies, energy studies, absorption capacity studies or energy management analyses. SEVEn can meet not only the legal requirements for developing conceptual or technical outputs, but can also ensure that they are highly professional and objective, and that the recommended measures are technically, economically and environmentally optimal.

Territorial energy concept

SEVEn processes a territorial energy concept, in which it focuses on identifying the potential for energy savings and renewable energy sources in the territory of the city, area or region and possibilities of their wider use in the future.

Energy policy

SEVEn has also long been involved in the energy policy of the Czech Republic and the EU. In the Czech Republic, these are primarily the issues of the State Energy Policy, the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, the Regional Energy Concepts, and the implementation of directives, in particular the Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings and Energy Efficiency.