Energy services and EPC

EPC projects preparation

SEVEn offers full service in negotiating Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). Based on the EPC method, the energy service provider – the contractor – offers turnkey comprehensive refurbishment of energy systems to reduce energy consumption at the customer's premises and its energy costs. The offer is gradually shaped in individual rounds of negotiations, the effective organisation of which SEVEn ensures for the customer.

The result is a solution that best suits the customer. The main return on investment of energy-saving measures is usually the cost savings themselves in terms of reducing energy consumption and improving the operation of the energy system. The cost savings are contractually guaranteed to the customer. We see energy services in a broad context as an effective tool to reduce energy consumption.

Support for the energy services sector

In the last 20 years, SEVEn has participated in the implementation of dozens of projects using Energy Performance Contracting. These were not just specific projects bringing energy savings to the customer, but also activities developing the overall energy services market, both at the national and European level.
We organise projects with international reach and help to create the EPC “industry” in new countries.

In this way, we increase the transparency and comparability of the offers of individual energy service companies.

We have long-term experience in many domestic and international projects. Our specialists gained their first experience with energy services in the US back in the early 1990s, where these services are widely applied.