International Conference: Requirements For Construction Professions In The Implementation Of A Carbon-free Europe Strategy

Date of the event:    18.2.2021 9:00

Not merely wind, solar and nuclear power plants and electric cars are essential for the road to a carbon-free Europe. An equally important task is the ongoing transformation of the construction industry, energy savings in the building materials production, during construction, but especially in the process of their use. Construction 4.0 will require significant changes in the knowledge and skills of most of the craft professions involved in new energy-efficient houses and a new approach to renovations. As part of the European H2020 program, a joint project of four European countries - CraftEdu - has been underway on this topic, which the conference will present.

February 18, 2021 from 9:00 to 15:30

Face-to-face Event - Architecture and Building Foundation, Prague 1, Wenceslas Square 833/31; CZE
Online Event - ABF Stream (ABF Stream YouTube)

Registration: Conference registration

Venue and form:
Combined real-time and online conference form. Lecturers will present their talks in person from the ABF Foundation hall or as pre-recorded videos, or with an online connection in real-time. Inquiries and chats will be conveyed through a separate channel. It will be possible to watch the conference in person (in the meeting room or via broadcast) or from a recording. The attendance at the conference is expected to be free of charge. The languages of the proceedings will be Czech and Slovak (German, Bulgarian or English talks will be translated into Czech).

Target groups:
Slovak and Czech apprentices, students of secondary vocational schools, universities, organizers and lecturers of lifelong learning academies from the non-profit sector, manufacturers of building materials, contractors, professional guilds and associations, CraftEdu Consortium representatives and lecturers, officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and their relevant facilities.

Agenda: Agenda of Conference EN