New models of Energy Services in Europe

Date of the event:    2.3.2023 14:00

Top global experts on utilities gathered at the World Smart Utilities Summit on March 2nd and 3rd. The hybrid event focused on the latest trends in the field of utility management, sustainable strategies for managing various utility systems, moving towards net-zero and other important themes.

The event brought together top energy, water and gas network experts to engage in discussions of the main challenges and best practices of smart metrics adoption, industrial IoT development, AI and cloud applications, renewable sources management and infrastructure development. Leading professionals from global brands attended to share their experiences and practical case studies on creating smarter and cleaner utility solutions and infrastructure for future generations.

The Summit also included the presentation of the international BungEES project. The overall objective of BungEES is to develop innovative energy services integrating renewable energy, energy efficiency and demand flexibility and to develop innovative financing and rewarding solutions. In particular, focus is set on identifying market, regulatory and other barriers for integrated energy efficiency services that include renewable energy and demand flexibility.

SEVEn is a project partner leading the part of the project focused on developing the EES service concept and service model innovation underpinning the integrated (one-stop-shop) smart EES package.

Video: WORLD SMART UTILITIES SUMMIT, day 1, Antonio Colino, Plenitude Iberia - YouTube