Results of the Triple-A project

“Enhancing at an Early Stage the Investment Value Chain of Energy Efficiency Projects” (Triple-A) has a practical result-oriented approach, seeking to identify which investments can be considered as Triple-A investments, fostering sustainable growth, while also having an extremely strong capacity to meet their commitments, already from the first stages of investments generation and preselection/ pre-evaluation.

The focus lays in answering the following questions:

  • How to assess the financing instruments and risks at an early stage?
  • How to agree on the Triple-A investments, based on selected key performance indicators?
  • How to assign the identified investment ideas with possible financing schemes?

In particular, the Triple-A scheme is introduced, for identifying “Triple-A” energy efficiency investments, aiming to reduce the respective time and effort required at the crucial phase of the investments conceptualization, as well as to increase transparency and efficiency of respective decision making. By introducing this new scheme, Triple-A seeks to make energy efficiency investments more transparent, predictable and attractive for investors / financiers and project developers.

Triple-A scope, methodology and Tools are presented and analysed through the Horizon 2020 EEnvest project Booklet (June 2022). Download the Booklet here and learn more about our synergy with EEnvest.

Results of the Triple-A project

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Published:    1.7.2022