Urban planning and development of Energy communities

Energy sector is experiencing turbulent times. Prices are skyrocketing fuelled by constraints in the value chain. Uncertainty accelerates efforts to change the ways of energy production and distribution. Along with the change in the energy system, climate protection goals remain urgent.

Improving energy performance of buildings meets these trends. Energy efficient buildings do not waste energy, use more and more renewable energy sources and thus reduce primary energy consumption. Until now, the usual view focused on individual buildings. However, this is gradually changing and there is an increasing emphasis on larger units in the form of several buildings and entire city districts.

 At the end of April, a two-day conference entitled New Challenges for Spatial Planning was held in cooperation with the Association for Urbanism and Spatial Planning (AUÚP) with the town of Lanškroun. Functional models for energy communities, developed in the CONGREGATE project, and the concept of Energy positive districts were introduced. The conference was sponsored by the Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization and the Minister for Regional Development, the Governor of the Pardubice Region, the Mayor of Lanškroun, the Czech Chamber of Architects and the Union of Towns and Municipalities.

Published:    4.5.2022