Jiří Karásek

Senior consultant

Jiří Karásek (1980) graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at  the Czech Technical University in Prague in 2005, continued his doctoral  studies at the same faculty and, in 2012, successfully defended his  doctoral dissertation on Energy Efficiency Modelling during the Building  Life Cycle. He attended a one-year internship at the Fachhochschule  Oldenburg in the Federal Republic of Germany. In FRG, he also worked for  a private company, where he participated in the development of a  computational tool for return on energy requirements of buildings. After  his return, he worked at the State Environmental Fund in the Department  of Program Strategies of the Green Investment Scheme section as a RES  and energy savings specialist for two and a half years. He has been  working for SEVEn since 2012. He participates to a number of national  and international projects and specializes in the construction and  low-energy buildings sector in terms of subsidies and support programs,  economic aspects of reducing energy consumption in buildings and  greenhouse gases, and implementing building related legislation.