Petr Šrutka


Petr Srutka is a graduate of the Czech Technical University in Prague,  Faculty of Civil Engineering. Since graduation, he worked as a  self-employed person and in Energy Benefit Centre, a.s., as a consultant  in savings and consumption of renewable resources. At that position, he  was responsible for planning activities for TZB, where he created the  design documentation for heat sources (TC, biomass, solar collectors,  natural gas, coal resources) and thermal systems. Also worked on energy  optimization studies, creating a dynamic simulation of buildings,  processing energy audits and feasibility studies using waste heat from  biogas plants as part of an international project BiogasHeat. Its main  activities of the company SEVEn Energy, s.r.o., the professional  processing of energy assessments, energy audits, hospitals, schools,  industrial companies, technical and economic analysis and assessment of  energy savings. Among other things, it also became a professional  consultant EKIS (MPO).