Michal Staša

Senior consultant

Michal Staša (1979) studied power engineering at the Czech Technical  University in Prague. He focused his studies on light technologies and  lighting. He studied Civil Society Studies at Charles University in  Prague. From 2005 to 2008, he worked as a lighting designer providing  clients with interior and exterior lighting systems. He has been working  at SEVEn as a consultant since 2008. He specializes in indoor lighting  and street lighting as well. He worked on several projects aiming to  reduce energy consumption of lighting systems (for example in the Czech  National Theatre). He participated in the research of street lighting in  the Czech Republic in 2010. He works on energy audits and participates  in H2020 projects: quality and energy saving lighting in households  (PremiumLight), municipal energy efficiency (Covenant of Mayors), street  lighting (ESOLi), third sector lighting (Premiumlight Pro) and projects  focused on green public procurement and projects focused on energy  saving appliances (YAECI,  Efficiency 2.1, Topten Act project, ProCold).  He has written several articles about energy labeling, Ecodesign in lighting, energy saving appliances and green public procurement.