Jana Szomolányiová

Senior consultant

Jana Szomolányiová (born 1973) manages and participates in international  projects to promote the use of potential energy savings in the Czech  Republic and other Central and Eastern European countries (projects such  as ChangeBest, Combines, Re-Co, Buysmart and others). She specialises  in developing the market for energy performance contracting (EPC), also  in conjunction with other funding models. In the past, she managed and  took part in resolving a number of projects aimed at transposing  European Union legislation in the field of reducing the emissions of  pollutants and greenhouse gases. These projects often included modelling  the development of the national economy, energy consumption and  pollutant emissions. She participated in preparing a proposal to support  electricity production from renewable sources and formulating the text  of the decrees by the Energy Regulatory Office for the Act on the  Support of Using Renewable Energy Sources. Apart from SEVEn, she has  worked in several strategic and business positions at RWE in the Czech  Republic and in Germany. She is the author of many articles and studies  regarding the use of economic instruments to promote energy savings and  the use of renewable energy sources, drawing upon her valuable  experience gained on study and research stays at the University of  Essex, Keele University and the University of Aberystwyth in the UK. She  obtained her master’s degree in economics at the Faculty of Social  Sciences of the Charles University in Prague.