Tomáš Voříšek

Technical director, senior consultant

Since his studies, a five-year masters’ course in Economics and  Management at the University of South Bohemia, Tomáš Voříšek (born 1977)  has mainly specialised in assessing technical and economic conditions  and the options for using renewable energy sources, especially biomass  and biogas. Since joining the company (2001), his professional focus has  gradually expanded to secondary energy sources, in particular waste,  and he has become the organisation’s main specialist for the entire area  of AES (alternative energy sources). In accordance with the firm’s  focus, his engagement with AES has taken the perspective of evaluating  economic and energy efficiency and their environmental benefits in order  to continue to explore the options for possible improvement. Since  2010, he has held the position of technical director and is responsible  for the professional quality of all technically-oriented corporate  outputs, including projects focusing on energy savings (energy audits,  feasibility studies, EPC). He has also spent many years endeavouring to  promote similar themes in the transport sector (i.e., introducing more  efficient power sources and fuels, etc.).