Territorial Energy Concept of the City of Prague – Action Plan for Implementation for 2018–2022

The SEVEn team worked on an action plan for implementation within the territorial energy concept of the City of Prague. In particular, the action plan aims to specify the territorial energy concept activities and to differentiate the scope according to development scenarios. Under the Action Plan, more than 60 specific actions have been developed within four priority areas and one cross-sectional area. Each activity has its guarantor, description, expected start and finish dates, and the expected costs and benefits are quantified. The Action Plan also categorised activities into development scenarios. Some activities fall into a progressive scenario, most will be specified upon implementation. Part of the Action Plan is continuous monitoring, which takes place within the regular meetings of the Prague City Hall. Priority areas of the Action Plan include support for energy management in buildings owned by Prague, support for efficient use of energy in the city, support for the use of renewable, secondary and prospective energy sources, and increasing the security and reliability of energy supplies. Among the concrete activities of the Action Plan are the use of the EPC method for buildings owned by the City of Prague, reduction of energy consumption of buildings, modernisation of heat sources, assessment of public transport electrification and support of activities to increase the efficiency and functionality of electricity distribution systems.

Rok realizace: 2018