Professional and expert organisations from Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ireland, Germany and Ukraine participated in the Train-to-nZEB project. The aim was to create a functional network of training and consulting centres that would provide practical training and comprehensive consulting services for construction workers and highly qualified professionals focusing on nearly zero-energy building projects. New programmes have also been developed for the wider professional public from the construction industry, especially for officials, business managers, NGOs, consumer groups, media, etc., focusing on increasing knowledge and demand for nZEB projects. The Building Knowledge Hubs create a community of experts around them to implement quality nZEB projects.

Under current legislation, from 2021 onwards, all newly built buildings should be nearly zero-energy consumption. It is therefore important to educate, train and enhance the skills of construction workers. More than 3,700 people have been trained in various courses at five new European training centres to increase their expertise and skills. This is also the contribution of the project to the construction of buildings with really low energy consumption.

Rok realizace: 2018